March 15, 2012

moved for now...

hey there...
you lookin for me?
i'm over here
come on over for
a visit.

January 11, 2012

rest in peace...

Officer Jared Francom

There is no
greater calling than to
serve your fellow men. 
There is no greater 
contribution than to
 help the weak.
 There is no greater 
satisfaction than to
have done it well.
~Walter Reuther~

January 10, 2012


hello sweet friend...
i'm sorry i have been away for so long.
i got caught up in my new adventure
and it's taken all of my attention away from
the place i share my heart.

but, i have missed being here
and felt like it was time to come 
back and visit.

it's 2012...a beautiful thing.
a year empty and full of possibilities.
i am so happy to see 2011 go.
a year full of family heartbreak 
and stress and things that took
our focus and strength away from
those who really matter.
our little family.
our 3 girls and 1 son-in-law
to be...

prioritize is our word of the new year.
our focus will be set squarely
on family, home, faith,
financial security, and healthy living.
seems like a lot but we'll just take it 
one day at a time.  
every morning is a new opportunity
to refocus and renew our 
chance to strive for more.
i'm so excited to be started on this 
little journey with my better half
and our family.

thank you for still being here
for me, for not giving up on me.
you are kind of like my giving tree..
just here for me when i need you
and never really asking anything
in return.


November 5, 2011

i am a mormon...

i have another video for you...
i LOVE this.
it joins two great things...
creating and being a mormon!!

November 3, 2011

you HAVE to watch this...

that little kid in the red and pajamas and his little brother...
i am hunting them down to marry my girls!
seriously, how cute are they??

that will forever pop into my head randomly.
kind of like charlie bit my toe.

hope you laughed right out loud!
big smile,
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